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Eprecus Payroll Software was designed by and is being used daily by Jamaican Payroll officers. Eprecus Payroll is very easy to use and takes care of all aspects of payroll and compliance. Payroll is very important but is complicated to understand. Moreover, it may not be your core business and that's why you need Eprecus. With payroll solved, you can take that time and effort and invest it back into your core business and your employees.


Reaviews from users of Eprecus Jamaican Cloud Payroll Software

Retail (90+ employee)
We went with the free trial first but within the first hour of playing around with the software it became clear that this is the one that would work the best for us. And I say this after having looked at other big names. I know that making complex processes simple is not an easy task at all, and Eprecus ERP certainly delivers on their promise there of making payroll easy to manage. Your software is so well designed that it is genuinely and extremely intuitive to use.
Engineering Company (600+ Staff)
Our operations team have been a Eprecus Payroll since it was launched under a different name. The moment we got the feel of the product's UI, management had no second thoughts. It is a simple web based solution that can take care of itself and did not require our conscious effort. The attentive support team helped us get onboarded in just a month and then there was no turning back. It's been over 4 year now and we are happy to have chosen Eprecus Payroll for our HR operations.
Retail Company (15+ staff)
The software is so easy to use and allows effortless PAYE management. The transition across years is ridiculously easy and works seamlessly.
Eyecare Company (90+ staff)
Eprecus ERP with Jamaican Payroll was a natural fit. It has been our daily driver for all aspects of our business. With their reliable support team, Eprecus ERP has been able to resolve our biggest payroll and HR issues on a single platform. It is very comprehensive and easy to use.