Corporate social responsibility: Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Eprecus
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Our Commitment

Our commitment to corporate diversity and inclusion is foundational to our company and explicit in our values as we do our part to improve diversity in tech statistics in 2022 and work to create an environment where employees can do the best work of their lives. Our value of “Stronger Together” emphasizes the importance of diverse voices to deliver incredible results for our customers and fulfill our mission of powering prosperity for all.
Delivering on our commitment to DEI
DEI has become even more important given the extraordinary challenges we’ve been facing as a society—from public displays of systemic racism to the inequalities exacerbated by the current state of the world. While corporate diversity and inclusion has been a core principle of our business since its founding, these recent events have accelerated our efforts to ensure we’re delivering on our commitment to diversity. We’ve established new leadership roles and resources, created new listening forums, and invested in building new capabilities to support our employees, customers, and communities.
Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)
We’d also like to recognize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) as an emerging variation of DEI that we support. The addition of B for belonging represents when employees feel included and accepted as a result of successful DEI initiatives at an organization. We strive for all our employees to feel a sense of belonging and don’t believe DEI initiatives are successful without it.
Representation at Eprecus Inc
Representation is a key step in creating an inclusive and equitable environment where all employees can do the best work of their lives. Without representation, we cannot deliver for customers and achieve our mission. We have invested in programs and initiatives to foster DEI within our company. We declared True North Goals related to employee representation focused on increasing the percentage of women in technology roles and the percentage of our total U.S.-based workforce composed of underrepresented minorities.
Pay Equity
Pay equity is fundamental to our corporate inclusion and diversity strategy. We are committed to pay equity and work to conduct an in-depth global analysis twice a year. Our HR team makes the necessary adjustments and shares the results to hold us accountable, while ensuring continuous improvement. This includes a review of all job codes in which we have enough employees for analysis, and those employees have the same or similar job duties and compensation mix. As of August 1, 2022, none of the identified job codes had statistically significant differences in pay between employees of different gender or between race/ethnicity in the U.S.