Corporate Responsibility at Eprecus Jamaica
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At Eprecus Jamaica, everything we do starts with the belief that people deserve the opportunity to prosper. Serving some serious customers locally, Eprecus Jamaica never stops working to find new, innovative ways to make that possible.

Our Corporate Responsibility efforts seek to solve challenging problems that we know can't be solved overnight. With a continued commitment to drive long-term change, we are making investments today to help build a better future for our employees, customers and the communities that we serve.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is foundational to our company. It is of utmost importance that our workplace offers an environment where our employees feel they can do the best work of their lives. Our value of “Stronger Together” emphasizes the importance of diverse voices to deliver awesome results for our customers and fulfill our mission of powering prosperity for all.
Job Creation
Economic inequality is on the rise across communities, driven by shifts in technology, the environment and socioeconomic factors. Eprecus’s Prosperity Hub Program works to address these challenges by creating job opportunities in underserved communities, sparking economic prosperity
Job Readiness
Many of today’s graduates don’t have the career skills required to be job ready. By bringing real-world tools into classrooms, Eprecus's job readiness programs are helping students build skills that empower them to enter adulthood equipped with what they’ll need to manage their money and approach challenges creatively, regardless of their starting place. We’re laying the groundwork to better prepare people for the real world by integrating our programs into classrooms to help students, adult learners, and entrepreneurs develop the finance and career skills they need to succeed.
Positive Impact on Climate
Climate change severely impacts opportunities for employees, customers and communities to prosper. Eprecus's commitment to climate action focuses on sustainability initiatives and solutions both inside and outside of the company's own operations. Our strategy offers employees, customers, communities and partners solutions to help them reverse the impact of climate change. Intuit measures the impact of these actions across these stakeholders and continues to seek solutions that benefit the planet.