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38Years’ combined Experience in IT

Started in 2016, Eprecus is Jamaica's newest technology platform that helps consumers and small businesses overcome their most important management challenges.

We are obsessed with our customers. We never stop listening to customers so we can understand both their dreams and the challenges they face -- and then get to work using technology to solve their most important problems.


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Our History

  • 2016

    The Foundation of Eprecus
    In the beginning, the idea was conceptualized to create a SaaS (Software as a service) that serves businesses by solving their most pressing pains. Our founder created Skill Set 365 to improve the local approach to Human capital management at the time. Skill Set 365 provided a simple Job bank and end-to-end Recruiting platform for organizations.
  • 2019
    Rebranded to Workforce Kinetics
    By popular demand, our customers requested a Payroll module. Skill Set 365 rebranded to Workforce Kinetics and integrated a Payroll module.
  • 2023
    Rebranded to Eprecus ERP
    Customers are very happy with our Payroll and HR Software but express the need for additional modules. Workforce Kinetics was rebranded to Eprecus ERP Software with over 15 modules and 600 features.

What do organizations like about Eprecus ERP?

Abbie Ferguson
I’ve been working with over 35 IT companies on more than 200 projects of our company, but @Mitech is one of the most impressive to me.
Managing Director at Eyecare Company
We have been using Eprecus since 2019 to manage 6 branches and 200+ people. We just couldn't exist without them.
CEO at Phone Sales store
Before Eprecus I dreaded the accounting side of my small business. Now I can get everything done in minutes from any device.
Padmaja Narsipur
The ease of navigation and the intuitive user interface makes it easy to use even for a non-finance professional. My Employees and external accountant can access whatever data i grant.