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Workforce Kinetics is now Eprecus Software. Click here to learn more
People Kinetics is now Eprecus Software. Click here to learn more

Workforce Kinetics is Retooling and Rebranding to Eprecus


Date: Wednesday, February 8th 2023 


To remain competitive and to serve your organization’s needs more effectively, we are rebranding and expanding our Business System solutions line-up. For the past six years, we tried to be your HR and Payroll solutions partner hand in hand, the relationship was not perfect but it existed. That existence ensured you didn’t enter uncharted waters compliance and calculation waters without the right technology and knowledge. For this opportunity, we at Workforce Kinetics are very appreciative that you sticked with us through thick and thin.


From our expansive data throve and multiple market research, the conclusion that stood out is that HR and Payroll aren’t usually the primary operational objectives of most organizations. You need an equally functional, innovative, and interoperable Business System to manage all areas of each department. Imagine how easy it would be if Sales, HR, Payroll Inventory, Customer Relationships, Warehousing, and Accounts could share data for planning, calculation, and collaboration through an easy-to-use interface. We scoured far and wide and could not find a locally supportive and easy-to-use system that was not set to rip you off or overcomplicate things further.


With this void available, we have taken the strategic initiative to completely retool and rebrand Workforce Kinetics as Eprecus LLC. From this new Limited Liability Company, we will be rolling out a new Cloud-based Entity Resource Planning (ERP) Software as a Service named Eprecus Cloud ERP. Taking this step was very easy for us because as a Dev-Ops-oriented company, we understand that your other departments usually perform the same shared, repetitive task every millisecond on ASCII data. These tasks are typically to Insert, Append, Query, delete, compute, and present data.


The new Eprecus ERP Software will contain the following base modules with more additions in the future: 

  • Core Banking (Remittance, Treasury, and Lending)
  • Finance (Bookkeeping, Auditing)
  • Retail (eCommerce, Order Management, Inventory & Warehousing)
  • Procurement, MRP & Supply Chain management
  • Compliance (Regulatory, Legal, and Industry)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Document Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources Management
  • Compensation (Payroll, Pensions)
  • Employee, Vendor, and Customer self-service portals.


 Benefits to your organization:

  1. Using web-based single point of entry via an easy-to-use interface, you can manage all your organization’s department data processing requirements. Essentially manage all aspects of your business by helping your team gain full visibility and control to plan, scale, and compete in an increasingly competitive market.
  2. Having a Single Data storage silo and computing provider ensures you know where every piece of your data resides.
  3. Have the ability to generate insights and reports for all business aspects, incorporating financial and operational data.
  4. Using the new Eprecus Customer Support, expect friendly and competent, 24/7 business and technical help from our trained professionals.
  5. Easy and clear usage costing on a monthly or annual billing cycle. Billing will be very transparent and automated. Pay for what you use, no ridiculously expensive support plans or seats.
  6. Training and certification for all modules using the Eprecus Online Academy.
  7. We have learned a lot from your usage of Workforce Kinetics, this knowledge will be applied to Eprecus ERP.


How will this affect my current agreement and usage?

  • This rebranding and expansion exercise will introduce:
    • A new website domain name (Redirects from Workforce Kinetics to the new domain endpoints will be automatic.)
    • New Billing agreements and contracts to reflect the company’s name change
    • A new website theme to modernize usage and navigational experiences.
    • Faster scalable processing capacity (MySQL, .Net MVC, Amazon Web Services)
    • Additional features and more efficient support.
  • As an existing customer, you won’t be billed for any new module used for the next twelve months ending March 2024. After your free one-year credit, your organization will only be billed if usage is recorded afterward on each module.
  • Additional module training is available if required.
  • Your existing business support officer will remain the same. This officer is fully competent to assist will all new features and modules.
  • Your existing HR and Payroll data will remain intact and will be online.





Date Range




Jan 1 to Jan 31st,2023

a)       Eprecus LLC formation

b)      Corporate Governance implementation

c)       Branding



Feb 7 to Feb 18th,2023

Existing customer sensitization.



Feb 19 to Feb 28th,2023

Training and new module introduction



Mar 1 to Mar 31th,2023

a)       New Corporate website & social media presence rollout.

b)      ERP software Rollout.

c)       Automatic Domain Redirection to new website and ERP

d)      New email address change

Not started


Apr 1st, to Apr 30th 2023

a)       Customer staff Training & certification on Eprecus Online Academy

b)      Customization to fit your needs

Not started


May 1st to ongoing

Updates rollout

Not started


Mar 30th ,2024

a)       Free 12 months credit expires.

b)      Old domain name and systems removal

c)       Workforce Kinetics Company Windup

Not started


Why the name change?

  1. Our solutions line-up is broader than Payroll and HR. Workforce Kinetics' name has nothing to do with banking or manufacturing because both words are already defined. Its wise to start with a fresh, unknown name and assign a meaning to it similar to WhatsApp or Facebook’s approach.
  2. Moreover, name changes are a good reflection of expansion. Take for example this list of famous companies that had to change their names: Cadabra » Amazon, Sound of Music » Best Buy, Research in Motion » Blackberry, AuctionWeb » eBay, BackRub » Google, DrivUrSelf » Hertz, Burbn » Instagram, Blue Ribbon Sports » Nike, Japan Optical Industries Co. » Nikon

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